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  • Manual(100% cashback)
  • Manual(parts cashback)

New Rules In The platform, Which Is Very Important.Please Be Sure To Read It Carefully.


A.     Product Category On TOBESAVE

Website products fall into two categories:

1)       Product with 100% cashback 

2)       Product with parts cashback


B.    The differences are as follows:


Product with 100% cashback

Product with parts cashback

Requirements of order


Some products need to be marked "TOBESAVE" in the orderParticulars shall be subject to requirements on product page

The Amount of Cashback

100% cashback

Under $5  cashback $1

$5.01-$10  cashback $2

$10.01-$20  cashback $4

$20.01-$30  cashback $8

$30.01-$50  cashback $12
Above $50  cashback $20

Requirements of withdrawal

5 stars feedback with

Image and text on Aliexpress


Feedback as required on Tobesave

5 stars feedback on Aliexpress


Confirmation of receipt on Tobesave



C.       FAQ


1.       What are the means of withdrawing funds in the website?

Webmoney and Paypal


2.       Will there be a handling fee for withdrawal from the platform?

Withdrawals do not incur a fee, but a single withdrawal must exceed $10


3.       Under what circumstances I won’t be able to get cash back?

1)       The word "TOBESAVE" is not marked in the order as required.

2)       Leave a feedback less than 4 stars on Aliexpress.

3)       Dispute order

4)       More than three times the feedback on Tobesave did not meet the standard


4.       What is the feedback standard on Tobesave?

Step 1, Leave 5 stars feedback with image and text on Aliexpress

Step 2, Upload a link, which proves that you have shared the product on the social platform.

Step 3, Upload 3 product pictures on Tobesave


5.       What is the format of sharing the product on the social platform?

Introduction of product + Link of product page + pictures of product


6.       When the price on Tobesave is different from that on aliexpress, which price shall prevail?

The price of the product shall be subject to the final order price.

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